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Female soccer players more vulnerable to brain trauma from heading, new study finds

For years, soccer was Joanna Roy's life.The 17-year-old began playing the sport at six, but was forced to stop after suffering a severe concussion from heading
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Amid EpiPen shortage, a Canadian-based company has approval for an alternative

As a worsening EpiPen shortage prompts questions about why Canada relies on just one pharmaceutical manufacturer to supply a life-saving treatment, a Laval, Que., drug company says it is "actively

Ontario court awards woman ownership of embryo called 'property' in precedent-setting case

A court in Sudbury, Ont., has awarded an embryo to a woman in a case involving her ex-husband, in what is being called a precedent-setting

U of A professor's TV show debunking alternative therapies will be on Netflix

In Tim Caulfield's show A User's Guide to Cheating Death, he tries cryotherapy, nappercizing and other alternative therapies popularized by pop culture.The University of Alberta law

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