Power restored to 1,700 people in St. Boniface after semi hits hydro pole

By // News | Power restored to 1,700 people in St. Boniface after semi hits hydro pole
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A semi hit a hydro pole early today.

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A semi hit a hydro pole early today. (WAYNE GLOWACKI/WINNIPEG FREE PRESS)

About 1,700 St. Boniface residents were without power for more than an hour this morning after a semi-trailer hit a patch of black ice and slid into a Manitoba Hydro pole at 4 a.m..

The semi took out a major distribution line, and traffic lights were out on St. Mary's Road and Lagamodiere Boulevard,  Hydro spokesman Anthony Koop said.

He said crews were able to re-route the power, and restore it to most homes shortly before 6 a.m. The few remaining customers in Mission Industrial Park have also had power restored, he said.

Koop said heavy, wet snow can cause power outages, and crews are hoping there are no further outages when the storm hits later today.

"When the weather turns nasty there's always that chance," he said.

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